Por lo general estoy en contra de ENOM, pero lei que tiene un modo de sitio web de tres paginas gratis, para los que tienen ahi Su dominio.

Creo que ya he explicado que me choca a mi ENOM, y el total de dominios propios que tengo ahí es cercano a cero.

Voy a revisar y pprobablemente sirva para un proyecto completamente diferente que tengo, asi que probablemente de Transfer Ahi a un sitio, para hacer la prueba.

Aviso despues.

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Author: Dixie Sys.
enom's $160 redemption fee, resellerclub is $60 according to the sales person I just talked to
I've been paying 7.10 for .com/net/etc at Enom for years, I've got 1600 domain names, and made LOTS of deposits, easily 20K over the years, probably over 30K, yet they will not move me to the best pricing, resellerclub will automatically give me the better pricing as I make deposits, I figure within a few months I'll be at the top tier of pricing at resellerclub
customers pissed off at enom about how they were treated by enom during the registerfly scandal, from what I've seen Enom really dropped the ball and they're trying to extort redemption fees from people who are not at fault for their domains not getting renewed, or they're just outright selling off those domains even when the customer is begging for it back, that's just evil and bad business and I'm feeling a strong urge to move now.