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You are now chatting with Mayya K. (Hosting Support Level 1)

Mayya K.: Hello, how can I help you?
me : Hi, good night . I have the account ****** and when the last offer, i try to transfer in ***.com but failed and i transfer to other place.
me: I need To free / cancel the pending transfer to get a refund and can use the current offer.
me: The account is ***** and domain is *****.com
Mayya K.: The domain name ****.com transfer was canceled because Domain is locked at current registrar
me: Yes, and the money ?
me: i get a refund of a similar domain called ****.com for the same date.
Mayya K.: They will be refunded automatically in some time
me: Ok, when is some time ? can you help with that ? i try to use the current promotion
Mayya K.: Unfortunately when your transfer is canceled the money is automatically refunded to your account funds but thiy are coming in some time to your account.
me: OK then i wait .
me: Thanks.